A finales de julio y principios de agosto de 2014 tuvo lugar el Congreso de la Society for Emblema Studies en Kiel (Alemania). Nos parece muy interesante la experiencia que han llevado a cabo de ofrecer sus materiales de trabajo en la plataforma Arkyves. Así lo presentaba el responsable de la iniciativa, Hans Brandhorst:

Papers presented at the 10th International Conference of the Society for Emblem Studies held at the Christian-Albrechts-Universität in Kiel (Germany), 27 July – 1 of August 2014.

This page is a joint experiment of the Society for Emblem Studies and Arkyves to bring together the papers that were presented at the International Conference of the Society in Kiel at the end of July 2014. Not every society member was able to travel to Kiel. Those that were, could only be present at 25% of all lectures, at most, as the conference was divided over four parallel sessions. Also, in my plenary lecture, I invited the participants to the conference, to share their shoebox, inviting them not only to show the finished results of their work, i.c. their lecture, but also to share their source material – as far as possible – with their colleagues. The Chair of the Society, professor Ingrid Höpel, after consulting with the committee and the advisory board, decided to accept my suggestion to use Arkyves as a platform to bring together as many of the conference’s lectures as possible.
This page is an Open Access page, meaning that its contents and the papers to which it links, are also accessible to individuals and institutions who do not subscribe to Arkyves.

Hans Brandhorst,
August 29th 2014

MONDAY 28th July 2014
9:00 Plenary Lecture: David Graham, Concordia University Montreal
* Turning the Accomplishment of many Years into an Hour-Glass: Lessons from the History of Emblem Studies

11.00 Session B: Emblematics and Architecture I
Chair: Elita Grosmane, Art Academy of Latvia, Riga

Jasna Mijailovic, University of Belgrade
* The Origin and Role of the Emblem in the Serbian Orthodox Church of the 18th Century on the Territory of Habsburg Monarchy (English Lecture)

14.30 Session A: Andreas Alciatus II
Chair: Stefan Kiedron, University of Wroc?aw

Denis L. Drysdall, University of Waikato
* The monastic life, or “just sitting around” (English Lecture)

Bart?omiej Czarski, Polish National Library, Warsaw
* Ancient Coins in Alciato’s Second Book of Emblems (Venice 1546) (English Lecture)

16.30 Session B: Emblematics and Architecture II
Chair: Dietmar Peil, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

Nicolas Potysch, Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen
* Posuit fines tuos pacem – Interaction of Emblematics and Policies in the Munich Trinity Church (1711-18) (German Lecture)

TUESDAY 29th July 2014
9:00 Plenary Lectures

Keynote 2 
Michael Bath, University of Glasgow
* Architecture and the Emblem

11:00 Session D: Emblematics and Festive Culture I
Chair: Helmut Renders, University Metodista of São Paulo

Tim Meier, Ruhr-Universität Bochum
* Heilsgeschichte als Formprinzip. Die Adaptation von F. X. Dornns Lauretanischer Litaney (1749) auf Bernrieder Prozessionstafeln (German Lecture)

Barbara Milewska-Wa?bi?ska, University of Warsaw
* The Role of Latin in the Emblematic Funeral Decorations in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the 17th and 18th Centuries (English Lecture)

14:30 Session A: The Image of the World
Chair: Susanne Schwertfeger, Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel

Alexandra Marraccini, University of Chicago
* The Bittersweet World: On an Emblem Book of Zincgref and Merian (English Lecture)
Note (HB) (In Arkyves: Zincgref (& Merian), Emblematum Ethico-politicorum, Heidelberg, de Bry, 1619

14:30 Session B: Coins, Devices and Impreses
Chair: Gerhard Strasser, Penn State University und Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

Tomáš Kleisner, National Museum, Prague
* Two Czech Baroque Medals and Their Emblems (English Lecture)

Gabriele Ball, Sächsische Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Leipzig und Herzog August Bibliothek
* Devices of the Fruitbearing and the Virtuous Society – a Comparison (English Lecture)
Note (HB) (In Arkyves: Ludwig von Anhalt-Köthen, Der Fruchtbringenden Gesellschaft, Merian, 1646)

14:30 Session C: Emblems in Hamburg
Chair: Anja Wolkenhauer, Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen

Antje Theise, Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Hamburg
* Emblems in Hamburg Wedding Poems in the 16th Century (English Lecture)

14:30 Session D: Otto van Veen
Chair: Susan Sirc, Glasgow

Walther Ludwig, Universität Hamburg
* Die Struktur der Emblemata Horatiana des Otho Vaenius (German Lecture)
Note (HB) (In Arkyves: Otho Vaenius, Emblemata Horatiana, Wetstein 1684)

WEDNESDAY 30th July 2014

Uta Kuhl, Stiftung Schleswig-Holsteinische Landesmuseen, Schloss Gottorf, Schleswig
Michaelis Consort: Gottorfer Hofmusik
* The Chapel of Gottorf Palace in Schleswig

THURSDAY 31th July 2014
9:00 Plenary Lecture: Hans Brandhorst, Arkyves
* Sharing Your Shoebox: on Collaboration and the Sharing of Data in the Humanities

10:30 Session A: Emblems in Art and Design / Embleme in Kunst und Design
Chair: Yona Pinson, Tel Aviv University

Tomáš Kleisner, National Museum, Prague
* Emblematic Tapestry (English Lecture)

10:30 Session B: Emblematics and Architecture III
Chair: Carsten Bach-Nielsen, University of Aarhus

Michael La Corte, Universität Stuttgart
* Political Propaganda with emblematic helps? (English Lecture)

FRIDAY 1st August 2014

14:30 Session A: Emblems and Mission
Chair: Sabine Mödersheim, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Ihediwa Nkemjika Chimee, University of Nigeria, Nsukka
* The Ikenga, as Emblem of Greatness in the Cosmology of the Igbo of Southeastern Nigeria

Helmut Renders, University Metodista of São Paulo
* The Centenary of Gossner´s Emblem Book The heart of men in the Context of the Religio Cordis Brasiliensis: Continuity, Variation and Social Relevance

14:30 Session B: Emblems and Illustration Chair: M?ra Grudule, University of Latvia, Riga

Tatjana Artemyeva, Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia, St. Petersburg
*Emblems as „Metaphysical Essays”. The Illustrated edition of Russian Poet G. Derzhavin (1743–1816) (English Lecture)

WORKSHOP “Emblematic Strategies”
Program and Schedule

THURSDAY 31st July

10.30-11.10 2. Lecture & Questions (Alexandra Ida Maria Mütel)
* Die Cappella della Purità in San Paolo Maggiore (Neapel) – Imprese sacre und Virtuspersonifikationen als steinerne Predigt

11.10-11.50 3. Lecture & Questions (Rosa de Marco)
* Ephemeral pensée figurée in the Celebrations for the Canonization of the First Jesuit Saints into the Assistance of France (1622-1623): typology and function